Welcome to the RDN Academy

I am the founder, Amy Sowards MS, RDN. In 2006, I started AES Nutrition (a Private Practice & Nutrition Consulting Business). In my 10+ years as a practicing nutrition entrepreneur, I have gained a remarkable amount of experience and insight into the world of working for yourself. I am thrilled that I now have the chance to pass that experience and insight on to you!

If you are here, that means you have BIG goals for your career (and life). My goal is to teach you how to ACHIEVE your BIG goals!

Tools Required for Success

When I was first starting my own business, I took an online quiz that assessed your potential success as an entrepreneur.  The result?  Basically, it told me not to quit my day job! Good thing I don't put too much stock into online quizzes.  However, in the beginning I struggled to stay on track and I made a lot of mistakes.  I don't regret those mistakes.  They were huge learning lessons for me!

I learned, in order to succeed, you need a solid (but flexible) plan and strong systems that keep you organized (a little persistence, determination and optimism won't hurt either).  But, without a plan and a system to implement that plan, it's extremely easy to get lost on your entrepreneurial path.

This is why I do this.  I want to help you develop your solid plan and strong systems so you can find success (sans all the mistakes I made!).


My goal is to teach you how to...


Amy Sowards MS, RDN founded the RDN Academy (previously RD Entrepreneurs Academy) in 2011.   She specializes in developing workshops and trainings for the entrepreneurial minded Registered Dietitian Nutritionist.

Amy's previous experience includes...

  • Owner, AES Nutrition Consulting (2006)
  • Virtual Private Practice
  • RDN Consultant (LTC, Home Health & Correctional Facilities)
  • RDN Speaker at Professional Events
  • Continuing Education Developer
  • Mentor & Coach to RDN Entrepreneurs

Amy graduated Magna Cum Laude from Marshall University with her Bachelor's in Dietetics from Marshall University.   She also completed her Dietetic Internship & Master's in Nutrition at Marshall University in 2002 and 2003, respectively.  Amy currently resides in St. Louis, MO with her husband, Anthony and 2 (adorable) cats, Doc & Norman.